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Trafford General Hospital - Blood Pressure and Oxygen Saturation Monitor x2

UPDATE: The unit opened in 2010.

Trafford General Hospital in Manchester is planning major changes to the services it offers local children, with a new, state of the art 24-hour Paediatric Observation and Assessment Unit due to open in 2009. This will offer children in Trafford the chance to be treated in a dedicated unit by experienced, trained paediatric staff. 
Located next to the adult A&E department, but operating as a separate facility, it will be equipped with child-specific items and will offer more than a traditional Casualty Department, with children being observed and treated for up to six hours before being discharged under the care of the Community Nursing team.
Many of the children who will attend the new O&A Unit will require blood pressure monitoring or oxygen saturation levels recording. The electronic recording Blood Pressure Machine also incorporates an integrated Pulse Oximeter to record oxygen levels in the blood. This piece of equipment is quick, accurate and easy to use and extremely child friendly.
Beneficiaries: Children and babies needing emergency care.
Total: £800 x2
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